What is a Non-religious Funeral Service

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A funeral offers more than being just a mere goodbye to someone who once lived. It transcends beyond the literal purpose and serves as an occasion for the people who knew the deceased to come together and celebrate his life’s achievements. People pay respects to the loved ones of the deceased, helping them to cope with the tragic loss and show moral or financial support if needed. The family, considering how the life of the departed would be best represented, arranges the funeral.

Therefore, if the dead were not religiously so active, the families opt for non-religious funeral services. Now what are they exactly, and how does it work? You will get to know that as you read on.

1 Concept Behind Non-Religious Funerals

Non-religious funerals are also known as Humanist funerals. Humanism is a philosophical concept that many people adhere to. It rejects supernatural beliefs and believes in scientific reasoning along with empathy to be the most important factor in decision-making. They believe in rationalism as they see the world through logic and evidence, hence comes the reasoning behind non-religious funerals.

2 What are the Non-Religious Funeral Services?

A non-religious funeral service also serves the same purpose as its religious counterpart but instead, in a non-religious funeral, the ceremony does not adhere to any religious traditions, principles, procedures, values, or any particular set of rules for that matter. It just focuses on a celebration of life or paying a tribute to the departed in a respectful way that would be deemed worthy of the dead.

3 Why do People Choose Non-Religious Funerals?

People tend to create a setting and atmosphere at the funeral that is the most accurate representation of the deceased’s life. A non-religious funeral is perfect for such situations as there will be a sense of originality that would suit the dead, and prove to be the most valid manner to say goodbye to the deceased.

4 Where are the Non-Religious Funerals Held?

A non-religious funeral is not bound to a specific venue or a place as some religious funerals (which might be at churches, mosques, etc.). Alternatively, it can be held at many different venues of personal choice such as a crematorium, a cemetery chapel, a hall, a hotel, or even at your own home.

5 How are the Non-Religious Funerals Organized?

A non-religious funeral is distinguished from religious funerals, as it does not particularly have any set of rules or procedures, which allows the family to personalize the funeral according to their own wishes or that of the deceased.

Although the funeral does not follow any religious guidelines according to religious practices, it still resembles and bears similarities from the religious funerals, as it contains some of its elements. These elements can be eulogies and inviting people to speak at the stage sharing their experiences with the departed soul.

Moreover, people can read something out from literature or any piece from somewhere that would help them, his loved ones, family, and friends heal and recover from the feeling of grief and sadness. It might also help them in relating to each other’s pain and sorrow. This ultimately helps them get a grip on reality.

The loss of losing a loved one is immense, only he who bears such pain can relate. On the other hand, death is a natural phenomenon that happens to the best of us. So, all we can do to ease some of that sorrow after the non-religious funeral service (or religious) is done, is to be there for each other and lift each other from the darkness in trying times like a funeral.

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