What Immediate Burial Services Have To Do With Resolving Some Common Problems

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Death is undoubtedly the worst experience for any life. What follows a demise is the usual and logical grief and sadness; what may follow as a daunting prospect is the popping up of various burial problems at the eleventh hour.

The most common issues that may arise at the hour of utter grief and solemnity usually fall under financial and societal impedance. Immediate burial services are directed at resolving nearly both of the aforementioned problems. With this instant burial option, the incurred overall expenses from the funeral to burial can be managed well.

Immediate Burial Does Have a Visible Impact

Quick burial, also known as “direct burial”, is invariably the most feasible option of bidding adieu to your loved one is an honorable way. Besides paying the tribute the departed soul deserved, the kindred spirit remaining behind seeks solace and monetary relaxation on account of lesser expenditure.

Burying the departed one soon after death, in the absence of traditional funeral and graveyard ceremonies along with other last rituals, can in no way be equated with sacrilegious acts. There can be some social customs that act as an obstacle to doing away with unnecessary cultural norms. On the contrary, there is no faith or religion that has ever debarred someone from carrying out the burial service with simplicity, owing to urgency or financial constraint.

Eternal Funeral Home as your Compassionate Support Team

Many families are under the misconception that they cannot hold a meaningful instant burial without comprehensive funeral rites. This is completely untrue. At our facility, we help you arrange direct burial service the way you desire it to be.

Honoring the life of a departed loved one is an emotional and personal experience. This act means acknowledging the uniqueness of the deceased in a number of ways: their life choices, personal traits, and the path they walked in life.

Our efficient services let you value the relationship you shared with the deceased, to create a fitting and memorable event together. With several years of experience under our belt, we possess an exceptional staff that imparts superior standards of compassionate care.

How Actually Worthwhile Is Immediate Burial?

Direct burial features a few services. This type of body disposal entails the transportation of the remains of a deceased person from the place of death to the place of burial directly after the incident has occurred. There typically is a brief stop at a funeral home to fulfill three basic requirements:

➢ Acquire death certificate

➢ Acquire burial certificate

➢ Allow family time to purchase a burial plot, if not done already

The ceremonies and rituals instant burial is void of have been listed underneath:

➢ There is no funeral ceremony followed by immediate burial

➢ There is no viewing event or visitation ceremony

➢ There is no graveside ceremony

➢ There is no embalming or other preparations of the body

In terms of expenditure, this sort of body disposition is preferred by a fairly large margin. Also, burial prices might differ to some factors such as the distance involved between the location of death and final resting place.

The cost of burial also relies upon the type of area where the demise and burial take place, i.e. urban or rural setting, with the former being more on the expense scale. 

On the environmental platform, quick burial is the way all naturalists and environmentalists would go. Being environment-friendly is another trait to opt for. Religion is yet one other resource that patronizes such a type of burial.

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