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Our firm traces its roots back, deep into the 20th century. On December 1, 1920 Emmett Hennessey and Charles Calloway bought the Buchanan Funeral Home on West 3rd Ave in Spokane, expanding their business, Hennessey-Calloway Funeral Parlor in Walla Walla.


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In 1934, the partners purchased Edward’s Manufacturing Building on Division. This was the home of the Miss Spokane Wash Dresses Company. Upon Charles’ death in 1935, the company name was changed to Hennessey Funeral Home, with Emmett and his brother Daniel working side by side for many years.


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Emmett and his wife Mary had three sons and one daughter. Sons Charles, Patrick, and Harry followed in their father’s footsteps, becoming funeral directors, and in 1959, dad and three sons were working together. Upon Emmett ’s death in 1964, Charles was voted in as the president. The community lost a great man who did many good and fun things for our community when Paddy died in 2011. Paddy’s daughter Susie works here today.


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Over the years, the original mission of the firm hasn't changed. We have always intended to provide the best, most professional services, complemented by the finest products. Today, we pride ourselves on being current with the major changes in funeral service trends and bringing those innovations and memorialization options to our client families with integrity and insight.