We provide professional and compassionate burial services in Clarksville, TN with reputable and licensed funeral directors.

Traditional funeral practices involve a burial, a graveside ceremony, and a memorial service. While this practice is common in religious families, there are certain individuals who wish for their family and friends to celebrate the end of their lives. A non-religious funeral comprises of a ceremony that is an amalgamation of a celebration of the loved one, as well as a respectable goodbye. These ceremonies pay homage to your loved ones, without including any religious implications.  The main objective of non-religious funerals is to acknowledge the pain that coincides with the loss, while simultaneously celebrating the life that was lived.


Non-religious funeral services are planned to include personalized services, which focus on the deceased’s passions, hobbies, and favorite activities. At Eternal Funeral Homes, we customize the non-religious ceremonies to honor the memory of your loved one.  You can guide our teams to plan a service that best fits the desires of the deceased. Our dedicated teams can arrange a musical guest, pick out flower arrangements, plan a wake, include a reading ceremony, and include other activities that you may wish to add.



At Eternal Funeral Homes, you can choose between a burial or a cremation service. We provide the option for an immediate burial, which includes the transportation of the body from the place of death to the cemetery for burial or entombment. Our burial services may also include embalmment of the body, as well as a graveside service.

However, if your loved one wished to be cremated, you can place a request with our teams. Our service is inclusive of cremation chambers to cremate the body and return you with the remains, which  can then be spread and stored to acquire closure.



    Eternal Funeral Homes provides a complete service to families grieving the loss of the loved ones. Our services include local, licensed funeral directors, who can comprehensively plan and care for every minute detail of a non-religious funeral service.

    Immediate Response

    Eternal Funeral Homes provides you with an immediate response. You can reach out to us through call or email, and our teams will be present to answer your queries.

    Transportation Included

    Our professional staff can arrange a pickup from your place of residence, the hospital, or the morgue.

    Personalized Service

    Our teams provide families with personalized funeral services to honor the deceased.

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